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RECENT WORK: Fraore - a book for the Barilla family

Updated: Feb 9

This is a project I’ve been working on over the past three years: a private book for the Barilla family here in Italy (yes, the pasta people). I originally met Luca Barilla some years ago while shooting a feature for Bentley Magazine. We kept in touch and spoke about putting together a private book about his family home. So I started making regular visits there, shooting the house, family, staff and gardens, while documenting the changing seasons.

Fron cover of Worktown People by the photographer Humphrey Spender

What started as a small project grew to become something much bigger and multi-layered. I asked a graphic designer friend, Derek Stewart, to get involved and he did a great job working on the layout, cover designs and materials. The journalist Maria Mataluno contributed some beautifully written text to accompany the images and Luca Barilla himself helped with the editing.

Fraore became a team effort in the end and the result looks great. It was lovely to have creative freedom while shooting this and a privilege to be involved in what will remain an important book and photographic archive for the Barilla family.

Here are some shots, reproduced with permission. I've not included any interiors or portraits for privacy reasons.



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