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Originally from London, I have lived in Italy since 2003. My work is split between documentary projects for books and exhibitions and commercial work for companies, designers and advertising agencies.

A finalist in the Hasselblad Masters Award, 2021, I have held group and solo exhibitions in London, Paris, and Berlin, along with various galleries in Italy. I present talks and workshops on photography and take on the roles of artistic director, editor and mentor for photographic associations and emerging photographers.

My commercial work tends to be quiet and considered, drawing on a background in documentary photography. I'm based in the north of Italy between Milan and Venice, with clients spread around Italy, Europe and the United States. I speak fluent Italian and have easy access to locations in Europe and the Mediterranean area.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss working together, or if you just want to say hello. Thanks for looking!

Exhibitions & Awards

Photofusion Gallery, London - Fusion, 1991
Saint David’s Hall, Cardiff - Emerging Young Artists, 2001
Photofusion Gallery, London - Extracts, 2001
Spazio Paraggi, Treviso - Piccole Memorie, 2008
Folkwang Museum, Essen - Teaching Photography, 2010
Ivrea Photo Festival - Piccole Memorie, 2010
The Air Gallery, London - Lost in Landscape, 2011
Spazio Paraggi, Treviso - A Place to Sit, 2011
Spazio Paraggi, Treviso - Percorsi Sensibili, 2013
Finalist, Premio Nascimben, Fondazione Benetton, 2014
La Quatrieme Image Foto Festival, Vukovar, Paris, 2014
Museo Del Uomo - New York, A Different View, 2014-2015
Spazio Paraggi, Treviso, Generation Project, 2014-2015
Finalist, Premio Nascimben, Fondazione Benetton, 2015
Colle Umberto, Ri-Trattare, 2015
Luisa Catucci Gallery, Berlin, Co-ordinates, 2017
Due Piani, Pordenone, Bosco, 2019
Fuori Salone (Mardegan Legno), Milan, Bosco, 2019
Athens Photo Festival, Co-ordinates, Shortlisted, 2019
ECC-Venice Biennale, Co-ordinates, Shortlisted, 2020
Cortona on the Move, Bologna, Threshold, 2020
MuPa, La Serena Inquietudine del Paesaggio, 2021
Hasselblad Masters, finalist, 2021
Galleria Santa Caterina, Treviso, Sui Confini
, 2021
OFF#4, San Donà, Isolamenti: Threshold, Vuoto, Habitat, 2022
Galleria Civica, Vittorio Veneto, Co-ordinates, 2022
Galleria Civica, San Donà, Viaggio in Bonifica, 2022



Warwick University, 1999
University of Wales, Newport, 2004
4Corners, London, 2008
Academy of Fine Arts, Venice, 2008
CNA Treviso, 2015
Association of Architects, Treviso, 2015
CNA Vicenza, 2016
University of Hertfordshire, 2019
Italian Association of Photographers/TAU Visual 2020, 2021
4EF - Esperienze Fotografiche, Motta di Livenza, 2021

Paesaggio in Scena - Treviso, 2023


Response to Place, Mauritius, 2011
Inquadra, Conegliano, 2012 - 2018
Mensana, Treviso, 2013
Spazio Paraggi, Treviso, 2014
Mensana, Treviso, 2015
Ritrattare, Colle Umberto, 2015
Visual Storytelling, Spazio Paraggi, Treviso, 2015
Passi Avanti, Fucine Collective, Florence, 2018
Visual Storytelling, Venetofotografia, 2019
Interior Space, ViFX, 2017-2020
Interior Space, Braveart Academy, 2021
Riguarda lo Spazio, Venetofotografia, 2021
Regarding Portraits, Venetofotografia, 2021
Human Nature, Venetofotografia, 2022
Regarding Portraits, Vinera, 2023
Progettazione, Inquadra, 2023



Piccole Memorie dalla Grande Guerra, ed Canova, 2008
Cucina di Puglia, ed Sime Books, 2011
Cucina di Montagna, Trentino, ed Bibliotheca Culinaria, 2012
Cicchetti, ed Quarto Books, London, 2013
Cucina di Toscana, ed Sime Books, 2013 *
Treviso 101, ed Sime Books, 2010
Dal Prosecco al Raboso, ed Sime Books, 2010
Cook, Chill, Regenerate, ed Bibliotheca Culinaria, 2015 *
Sweet Venice, ed Sime Books, 2016 *
Cioccolatini, ed Bibliotheca Culinaria, 2016
The Grappa Handbook, Nardini, 2019
Sweet Dreams, ed Bibliotheca Culinaria, 2019
La Serena Inquietudine del Territorio, 2020
La Serena Inquietudine del Territorio, 2022
Viaggio in Bonifica, Antiga Edizioni, 2022

The Library, Bertani, 2022
Fraore: The Barilla Family, Ed. Antiga, 2023

* Gourmand Award Winner


Some stock images available through Sime Photo, Italy, 4Corners Images, UK and Millennium Images, UK. Promoted through Wonderful Machine in the USA.

Selected Clients

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