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In Progress: This Last of Meeting Places

Updated: Jan 29

I was out shooting again this week on a personal project, This Last of Meeting Places. It's a series I'm developing over the winter months, photographing the wild beaches and pine woods along the coast of north-east Italy.

My idea for the project was inspired by a T.S. Eliot poem, The Hollow Men, and the images I'm making have a dark, almost post-apocalyptic feel with themes of shelter, extinction, and upheaval running through them. I'll keep updating as I continue to shoot. My hope is to make a book once it's finished.

The images are being captured on a medium format camera. It's a heavy beast but it offers enough resolution to allow me to shoot natively in 16:9 then crop to 2:1 (which I like) and still make large prints. I'm travelling around by bicycle, as I often do for my landscape work. I can cover much more ground and get further off road than I could on foot. It's perfect for this sort of thing.

You can view more from the series here.

All Images © Colin Dutton, 2024. Not to be used without permission.


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