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V.V.T.V.  | 2022


To be honest I wanted to do something here without thinking too much:  just walk around with a small camera and take photographs for no other reason than for the pleasure of looking.

They were made in Vittorio Veneto; a town close to where I live in the north of Italy. It’s a strange place in some ways. Cushioned by the mountains on one side, it’s actually a series of small towns and villages that have joined together over the years along the road that connects them. A such it feels odd, not quite one place, not quite another. It’s not a walled city although parts of it once were. Nevertheless it is a city of walls. At least that’s how I see it. There are walls everywhere, perhaps that’s true of every city, but here they are somehow more vocal and more revealing, speaking of their past more than their present, speaking of the changes they have seen over the years.


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