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This is a series of portraits of Italian children made during the Coronavirus lock-down in the Spring of 2020. Each child was photographed on the threshold of their home; a threshold representing both the physical and psychological space to which they were being confined for more than two months during one of the strictest lockdowns in Europe.

The word ‘threshold’ can also be defined as an event that provokes change and I wanted to document this moment, this point of change, in the lives of these children. They are images of isolation but also of stillness, of non-action, of waiting for a return to possibilities.

There's no doubt that the lockdown has had an effect on the mental well-being and development of children around the world. Some, as always, will have suffered more than others and it will be a while before we can understand the long-term implications of this event in their lives.

All the portraits were made in the small, provincial town where I live in the north of Italy and cover children of elementary, middle and high-school ages. The project was exhibited in Bologna in 2020 as part of Cortona on the Move and is featured on the Covid19 Visual Project, a permanent archive related to the pandemic.


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