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OFFICE 2000 | UK, 2000


Back in 2000  I was chosen for a commission through university to shoot a 'day-in-the-life' at an office building in Newport which housed a Lloyds Bank call centre and the Office of National Statistics. At the time I made a few prints for them in the darkroom and put away the negatives without really thinking about them again.

Twenty three years later I’m reading the biography of the American photographer, Chauncey Hare, and it gets me interested in looking once more at the work space as a subject. So I pulled out the negatives from the old office series, made some scans and put together this selection.


It’s interesting to see how I was looking and thinking at the time. I probably haven't changed much. I think some ideas around of the alienation of the office space come through in the images, also in the (often failed) efforts to humanise that space with pictures on the walls and personal items spread around the desk and computer screens.

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