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FORESTIERO  | 2021 - 2024
(work in progress)

Italy has always been recognised for the beauty of its landscape, as well as for the harmony with which nature and heritage have co-existed.  In our collective memory (speaking as an Englishman) the Italian Landscape is well defined thanks to centuries of  influence in European art and culture. Today, while the heritage and the scenic views remain, contemporary culture, land development and demographic change continue to put pressure on the identity and character of the Italian landscape.

In this project I am exploring the Treviso province in the north-east of Italy. It is where I have lived as a foreigner, a forestiero, for the past twenty years. I am photographing a landscape that I recognise as Italian although it doesn’t always conform to my preconceptions.  The plains around Treviso form an endless patchwork of small towns, industries and connecting roads, grown out of the boom years of the 70s and 80s.  It is a tight mix of church towers and factories, historical villas and shopping centres. A land of traditions, contradictions and juxtapositions that in many ways reflect the changes that Italian society is going through in this period. 


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