VUOTO (Empty)

This project looks at cultural venues that remained closed during the Covid-19 lockdown in the area around where I live in the north of Italy: theatres, museums, galleries and cinemas, many of which have been empty for over a year. During the summer of 2020 some venues were able to open with social distancing measures in place but these were forced to close their doors again in the autumn.

It's a situation with implications not only for the many performers, artists and staff that work in these places, but also for the communities they serve, leaving a temporary emptiness in our shared social and cultural experience.

In making these images I wanted to record something of the silence and the stillness that hangs over these venues, as if the halls, the seating and the artworks themselves are waiting for our return.

My thanks go to the town councils of Treviso, Vittorio Veneto and Sacile for allowing me access to different locations for this project, as well as to Fondazione Benetton, Cinema Corso and Teatro Mario Di Monaco at Treviso, Cinergia in Conegliano,  and Teatro Zancanaro in Sacile.

ITA: Questo progetto riguarda i luoghi culturali rimasti chiusi durante il lockdown Covid-19: teatri, musei, gallerie e cinema, molti dei quali sono rimasti vuoti da oltre un anno. Volevo documentare il silenzio e la quiete che aleggia su questi luoghi, come se le sale, le sedie e le opere d'arte fossero aspettando il nostro ritorno.

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