An assisgnment I had for Qantas Airlines last year has just been published in their Travel Insider magazine. Together with the chef, Nino Zoccalli, of the Pendolino restaurant in Sydney, his sommelier Cristian, and the South African writer Catherine Marshall, we made a trip from Naples down through the Amalfi Coast and on to the vineyards of Pugli and Lecce.

Here’s a small sample …

SIME BOOKS: Sweet Venice

A book I worked on last year with the writer Alessandra Dammone has just been published. Sweet Venice (ed. Sime Books) with 80 or so recipes, looks at the culture of ‘pasticerie’ in Venice and the surrounding area. It took me about three months, on and off, to cover all the material and it was shot in various locations around the city including Cafe Florian and the lovely Bauer Hotel.

TRAVELLER’S WORLD (Germany): Ornellaia Winery, Tuscany

This is a story I shot earlier in the summer down in Tuscany for the German magazine, Traveller’s World. I spent a wonderful couple of days at the Ornellaia winery in Tuscany, one of the most prestigious producers in the country. Apart from the great wine and hospitality, they also commission an international artist each year to produce an artwork based around a bottle as well as a permanent installation at the winery.